Off the Grid


Been off the grid for a while. Lots of pictures in this update. Revisited a the small island of Nananuira which I had spent a little time on the last visit to fiji. We hopped from island to island on our way to the town of Savu Savu on the island of Vanua Levu. There are some photos from the ruins of the leper colony on Makogai (mackongeye) which was also the location of Fiji’s first movie theater or atleast that what the locals told me. I saw the foundations of it. It was pretty big, probably cause there were so many lepers living there, I think they said 3,000 but I don’t know if that was at one time or over the period. The grave yard went up the hill quite a ways, contained some 1500 souls. I definitely didn’t walk through there alone and only set foot a few paces in when the sun was at its highest. Also some amazing underwater coral caves and giant clams! I think there is a picture with me next to it but I couldn’t frame it right to get the both of us in, the clam was too big! Some big yachts in Denarau. A few spanish mackeral caught in the passages. Some sealife, namely a few large crabs, a decent sized Barracuda (which the locals love to eat for some reason), and a school of bait fish and let me tell you, swimming in a school of bait fish after getting a few scratches from the reef didn’t make me feel all too comfortable, especially after swimming by that cudda! Then I threw in some artsy fartsy ones just for the fun of it.