Andrew Emmons



Los Angeles, California. 2004-2008

  • Major: BA Fine Arts, Digital Media
  • Minor: Computer Science

Work Experience

AIRMAP (2016-2018) Software Engineer

BERLIN, Germany
  • Build real-time data pipelines to collect telemetry for manned and unmanned aircraft from multiple data providers.
  • Integrate our aggregate stream of real-time telemetry with internal products via consumable APIs and protocols.
  • Static geospatial airspace data map tile generation pipeline.
  • Map tile server which served static and dynamic geospatial airspace data.
  • Support and refine currently deployed microservices.
  • Migrate services to Kubernetes based deployments.
SANTA MONICA, California
  • TEAM LEAD managing the engineers building core microservices.
  • Break down product specifications into actionable engineering tasks and distribute them to team members for execution.
  • Real-time telemetry data pipelines.
  • Geospatial data processing pipelines.
  • Support and develop internal and external RESTful APIs.
  • Manage competing project timelines to align with Senior Management’s overall company goals.
  • Maintain infrastructure on AWS (EC2, DynamoDB, Elasticache, RDS, Kinesis)

technologies: k8s, AWS, Azure, Golang, NodeJS

HISTORYBUFF.COM (2015-2016) Director, Technology

  • Full stack development
  • Maintain infrastructure on AWS (EC2, ECS, Elasticache, RDS, Route53, Cloudfront)
  • Maintain development and deployment pipeline using Docker containers.
  • Build User Generated Content CMS allowing internal and external users to create text and media articles.
  • Work with 3rd party vendors to implement technologies (Stormpath user management, Cloudinary for images)

technologies: AWS, Docker, Python, Flask

GIANT MEDIA by ADKNOWLEDGE (2013-2015) Senior Software Engineer

  • Design and implement a real-time backend to serve native video advertising via 3rd party publishing partners and collect viewing statistics.
  • Develop a real-time bidder according to openRTB spec to compete in auctions, basing decisions on current campaign fill rate, price trend, and a viewer model built from internal and third party data.
  • Lead on machine learning project which implemented neural network and random forest to parse web articles and select valid content.
  • Build administrative dashboards for inhouse and external clients to display information about video ad campaigns.
  • Maintain logging tools for tracking impressions and interactions with the ad unit.
  • Write Hadoop scripts to process logs on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce to create reports for sales team.

technologies: AWS, Python, Django, Flask

DIGITAL DOMAIN (2012-2013) Assistant Technical Director

  • Write and maintain tools to monitor multiple render queues and track disk usage.
  • Database Administrator for MySQL databases that store information across multiple physical locations (Venice, Vancouver)
  • Web Designer - Access and visualize the information.
  • Disk Management Tool - Users can view their disk footprint and delete rendered data. They can also restore deleted data.
  • Projections Tool - Historical computational resource usage, graphed over time. Queries databases in several physical locations, aggregate the data, and present it via a web interface as graphical models. Users can interact with graphs dynamically.

technologies: Python, Django, jQuery, Mustache.js, MySQL

DIGITAL DOMAIN (2010-2012) Digital Production Assistant

  • Wrote tools in Python to automate render farm management and disk space management.
  • Render Priority and Report Tool - Web UI to prioritize jobs across multiple render farms
  • Built reporting tools to display information about completed, running, and queued jobs. Tool will estimate completion times.
  • Tools built with python backend and exposed via web UI in the Django web framework.

OVATION (2010) Web Developer

  • Widget creation in Flash and Javascript, MYSQL database management, content management, brand management across social media.


  • LANGUAGES: Python, Javascript, Golang
  • FRAMEWORKS: Django, Flask, NodeJS, Express.js, Kafka, Terraform, Kubernetes
  • PROTOCOLS: MQTT, Protobuf
  • CLOUD: AWS, Azure


Traveling to far off lands, Surfing, Sailing, Free Diving, Fútbol, Animation, Interactive Media


Self Portrait


My name is Andrew Emmons. My professional interests lie where Computer Science meets Design. I create from the perspective of both an engineer and an artist. I want to use both the technically critical and artistically abstract areas of my personality in the creation of something aesthetically and technologically interesting.

Self Portrait


There is a great wide world beyond the keyboard, and past the monitor. I find that conversations are best held in-person, the greatest adventures are born from loose planning, and the most valuable lessons are learned through failure.

When I am out of the proximity of the keys, you can find me on the water or on the road. My preference would be at the helm of a 50 ft cat, island hopping somewhere in the warmer latitudes. Otherwise, by foot or on two wheels, vagabonding through cities and countryside.