• dimensions - 32in x 44in
  • materials - Digital color photograph printed on matte paper
  • roles - Photographer, Digital Tech, Director, Producer, Photoshop Whiz
  • technology - Nikon D70, Photoshop


In this heavily manipulated image, I took photos of various highway overpasses from below. Then I stitched together these images to create an intricate weave of concrete and asphalt. When I first came to California, I remember being awe-struck by the size and solemn power of the masses of steel and concrete freeways and interchanges. I was overwhelmed with this feeling. It made me think of the engineering that had to be used to create such large structures and the physics they seemed to defy. I also thought about how many people travel on these roads and all the destinations they are led to. This image conveys the weight and power I feel when driving through them.