• actor - Daniel Harrison Brown AKA DHB
  • dimensions - 44in x 18.5in
  • materials - Digital color photograph printed on matte paper
  • roles - photographer, digital tech, director, producer, photoshop whiz
  • technology - Photoshop, Nikon D70


A composite image of five photographs. I decided to actively engage the viewer with how it feels to be stuck in traffic. For the shoot, the car was parked and the actor was instructed to pose with the doughnut. I decided to use a donut and coffee to emphasize the morning commute and to give a little personality to the subject. The character is not a Starbucks drinking YUPy, so I added the 7-eleven logo to the cup. Later, I took photos of traffic while being stuck in it. I stitched together two photos to create the inside of the car and replaced what was in the windows of these photographs with the traffic images. The images of traffic needed to be stitched together and warped a great deal to match the perspective created by the photos from inside the car. The reflections in the windshield had to be added to add realism and depth.