• dimensions - 30in x 20in
  • materials - Digital color photograph printed on matte paper
  • roles - Photographer, scripter, producer, director
  • technology - Canon EOS 30D, Photoshop, javascript, Mac Powerbook G4, Canon Camera control software, applescript


This compilation of 3000 images taken on Sunday October 12, 2008, is a representation of the passage of time in an instant, compression, and storage. Compression in the digital sense, but also just how to fit something into something else. In this case, how to fit time into something static, using a medium that has always been used to capture only a moment of time. I chose to leave elements in the final image that others might have taken out as distracting, like the black flecks in the sky; they are parts of fishing poles and are important records of the fisherman on the pier that day. Or short vertical lines of color, they are people who stood in that space for only a short amount of time. If someone or something is whole it means they did not move for a long period of time. These are all important to tell the story of a day on the pier.

I wrote an applescript to control the camera and take a photo every 13 seconds. This interval was determined by how much of the day I wanted to shoot and the amount of photographs I wanted in the image. The camera was connected to the computer and left shooting for fourteen hours on the end of the Manhattan Beach pier. Then I used javascript to control Photoshop, grabbing vertical columns, three pixels wide, from each image and pasted these pixels into a final composition. The selected region of pixels progressed left to right as time passes from image to image.